A plain field

Plain field

2•. .•Every human being on this world is born with a brain that is comparable with an empty field. It is like a farmhouse without animals and when the farmhouse gets older over time, the animals will appear. Every animal is a new happening, thought and memory.•.

When you get older the animals will multiply and become more complex.  You are the person who you are right now because of all those thousands of complex ever growing animals.

So everything that happened in the past basically made me who I am today?

Well, we think that 60% of the person you are right now has arisen from the past and your upbringing and the other 40% from your genes.

Interesting, so your brain is like an hard disk with character that works with thoughts and memory?

There are a lot of things going on in the human brain. The brain is always sending signals to different organs. For example; it regulates how fast your heart needs to beat to supply every organ or muscle from oxygen and nutritious substances.

It’s all about the adrenaline that is released from your kidneys. Normally a small amount of adrenaline is released to maintain a normal blood pressure. When you put your muscles to work, they are using more oxygen and nutritious substances so the kidneys are going to produce more adrenaline, which makes your brain to say ‘beat faster!’ by sending signals to your heart. It’s actually The adrenal medulla that’s located inside the adrenal cortex within the centers of your adrenal glands. These are located just on top of your kidneys.

Your brain decides the amount of adrenaline that’s released.

Okay.. So what’s your point? 

What we’re trying to say is that there are way more processes going on in your brain, than only your thoughts and memory. It regulates how you feel, how you behave on certain moments but it also regulates that everything in your body is working like one big organized machine.

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