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What are bots? -who doesn’t want to know?

Bots live in the cloud and by cloud we mean the online dimension. You probably already knew that. Anyway, you could view them as human body cells practicing their given objective. They basically are automated computer systems and now with the intrance of AI- bot’s learn when they are on the move. They enter all connections on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which states for HTTP. It’s that what you see before all the links you type in your browser. Crawlers, spiders or should we name them bots- basically take snapshots of all code on these connections. Then a bigger bot filters the good and the bad. The spiders are created by humans- and behind search engines, there are full groups of people constantly updating and improving these bots. That’s when AI came into play; the bots became so well optimized that they could start make decisions themselves. And therefore improve themselves.

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Bots on the move

Anyways… while the bots are working, they leave traces on your website. And that is why your page visitor count is higher on Cloudflare than it is in Google Analytics. ” (GA tracks visitors when google’s script is loaded, and bots don’t load these scripts.)

bots let’s go! Get on page one.

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