A person always dies at some point, but an idea does never. 177•. .•If there is peace on one ship, then there could be peace on the entire world.•.

War partly happens because of the weapon industry. Why don’t we look at the roots of the problem – this world is money based. But let’s love it as much as we like Venus. There is only one life right now, and that’s ours. Our energy never leaves our atmosphere– DNA lives through. We need to fight for the happiness of the children of our children– it might be you, thinking you’re here for the first time.

If circumstances get bad, personally, we’ll return to Venus.

To remember

One man cannot make a big group of people kill and destruct other living beings. We cannot judge the ones we haven’t met in person / only think to know because we’ve seen him or her in the media. There is so much we don’t know. We just don’t know. We don’t really know.

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A modern salvation knight

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