Wesley talks with the angels

Granted with the power of control his eyes start to shine when thinking of becoming a superhero. He must do the one thing that’s right in this situation. He thinks for a few moments to make sure he will come up with the right plan.

”What do I value more? Receiving love and getting praised for saving some people from the dead or would I rather not be praised to save way more people from the dead?” As he takes the decision in favor of all, he heals and spells the perfect spell. Happiness returns.

The spell causes Angels to arise. Green shady transparent creatures that pop up everywhere are walking through walls looking like princesses spreading the synthetically produced vaccine necessary to heal all and everywhere. We got back our peaceful planet -called earth- where we live life to the fullest. The good rescued us from the devil.

Angels are handing the synthetic vaccine all over the world. Transparent soul walking through all objects and buildings. Healing and binding. Grateful for the simplest of things. The angels did their job to now return to their own galaxy.

By WorldLoveAdmin

A modern salvation knight

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