64•. .•Fungi, just like a lot of other forms of life on our planet are responsible for the existence of humans.•.

Humans need oxygen to exist. Fungus create a lot of oxygen. Because of fungus, there’s a big increasement of this gas in the atmosphere. The quantity of oxygen in the air created a big explosion of animal forms. This caused – after hundreds of millions of years – the emergence of humans.


Mycelium is the network of threads called hyphae. The fungus it’s hyphae is crucial for the health of soil. The soil needs water and the fungus it’s hyphae binds it’s particles. This aids in the ability of the soil to hold water.

To know:

• Fungi use electrical ‘language’ to communicate with each other

• Fungi creates genes to ‘win over’ their plant friends and neighbours

More information, exciting facts and a small Fungi poem will follow. Celebrate and learn Fungus with • WL1 •.

We decided to not work further on this title. This is because we’ve opened Flixnet and there it is; the same title. We can not make it more descriptive, so we recommend to watch it on there or somewhere online. The poem will of course follow one day.

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