The mating path

When I look in your eyes, I see nothing but beauty. Struggling some times, yet happy pretty. 145•. .•You deserve to love yourself, so look yourself in your eyes and speak it out loud•. , right before you shower.

The Way

The key within
Get it out
If it doesn’t work
Shout loud

Give it all your power
Become the brower
Use the bubbles
In the meantime
Have some cuddles

The key without
Who told you to shout
It’s a relaxed move

Take some breaths
Go with the groove
Unleash and open
Use a stove?️

The Heat
The Heartbeat
It’s real
You’re my deal

We are the key within

I could be in your arms or the other way around. Hearing your breathing sound. Touching them bum, v. it’s round. On bed, not on the ground. Your bed. My favourite color is red. Beautiful red, no blood. A higher voltage boot. “A transfer of love”. > from up high, above. The great respawn, “enjoy the dawn”.

By WorldLoveAdmin

A modern salvation knight

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