A formal worded article about emotion, meaning and joy in particular. (Question: Once wrote a post called ”organized minds”. This is deleted and we’re unable to find it as of yet on the web archive by wayback machine. This post was the most chaotic post we’ve ever written but it was about circles; trapeziums and Einstein’s fish quote. A life travel from Havencool to Lloyd; a travel preparation that’s approved by CTS from Madrettor to Madrettor; (A pride vessel to pride vessel); from circles having either amazing performances or shameful episodes towards audiences… Life felt like a theater. This was an open door at that time. Say… 2018? We’ve had many domains. Explanation Madrettor: ”Mus Eras”)

Start of the formal – but even in our native… there’s so much to explore.

Feelings of joy sadly don’t represent themselves when you’re being pious, but are more likely to come along in a state of empty expectancy. That what hides in joy rarely represents in its convoy. As carried and uplifted you may feel, there are always things in the present with an antagonistic touch. If we flourish ourselves before we enter a state of productivity, then we’re able to act monastically as interruption comes along.

When insects like fruit flies and bumblebees become shimmy, we as human beings are tentative. While anxiety and fear are emotions you have more difficulties with, to numb, joy becomes ephemeral and often flies its sleeve. That having said, being in the abyss of pleasure, you find meaning and solidarity within and when we’re experiencing sadness or grief, then we tend to find meanings outside of our own minds. Easy as that, we’re all one of a kinds. But…

Don’t we all sometimes feel alone when we experience difficult yet intriguing feelings? Do we on the other hand regularly have a lack of any that’s formed by flying solely if experiencing joy? Do good feelings raise our chances of exhaling particles formed of solidarity, when we expand our already ennobled minds? Those are three questions that are to be answered, as you write along. A state of mind or either a feeling you possess is rarely long-lasting, yet it often is ephemeral and flying over; similar to winds.

When we cross streets comparable and with many pedestrians, we could still feel unattached to our emotional vows and face loneliness. As the amount of people around us do not determine our feeling of solidarity, then what does determine a mental state of “being with more”? What does make us feel less sole? How do we prevent embittering one another and how do we entourage that what’s inside of us?

The odd part. Then what is odd? By the way, them and you wish us plenty love.

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