The archer

Baby in the brain

P1 – Conspiracy theories, messy things

There was a very loud bang all of the sudden. I estimate that it was about a hundred yards away from me. Was it a gunshot? New year has just passed, so it possibly were fireworks. Let’s hope so. I’ve been quite anxious lately. The slightest thing makes me think of the worst. I also find myself believing many theories and conspiracies.

My wife sleeps through the day, now that she suffers mentally. My belief in the conspiracies change miraculously with the time of the day. For example; when I just wake up, I sometimes just don’t believe in anything anymore. Not even in the earth and such. So then life doesn’t feel real. Like… as if I’m walking in a dream hidden in a dream.

While in the evening after dinner I understand that we belong here. That everything around me truly is real. These understandings come suddenly and often coincidentally – at times when my teeth are full of food for instance. Since I’m a lazy man I have difficulties to grab that toothpick. Right now, countless wounds have formed on my gums. Eating that what makes my gums bleed makes me feel alive. Really strange, but unfortunately also true.

After some moaning, gasping and stomping I finally manage to find the toothpicks. I groan and gasp for a while as I move from the bathroom back to the chair. Due to some pain in my knee, this is a bit difficult. The mess that Bianca and I live in doesn’t make it any easier. But… cleaning is not something I do. I plop down and with a smile on my face I say, “Great, such a toothpick. Truly enjoyable.”



Yesterday I bought Quicknes, on the advice of Bianca’s sister. She’s a grocer’s lady. I don’t think Quicknes falls under the category herbs, but oh well… It seems to be tasty chocolate powder. It only recently became available on the market.

It is an innovative powder; so says the grocer. She said: ”Shovel one to five green scoops of powder into a large mug, then fill it with milk and then just stir with a spoon.’’ I do it with a potato knife because the spoons are gone. The cutlery is still dirty and unwashed in the sink. I digress a bit now, and stir a bit … Voila, chocolate milk! Super handy. Deliciously sweet.

The powder seems to have a rather sinister effect on our brains. Neurotransmitters may become altered. This is mainly focused on the plastic dynamics within our hippocampus. I don’t know whether lugubrious is the right word, since it is not known whether it has a positive or negative influence on the brain.

Perhaps, this powder has healing properties, which could relieve me of my mental complaints. I also like the thrill of the possibility that things could go wrong. Exactly this pulled me over the threshold.

For a normal person, a jar of Quiknes is probably a small thing.. for me it is a real purchase. Will I notice the effect it has on my brain? If something is not allowed, or is not right… I must and will always do it, or eat it. Weird, isn’t it?

It is already known that cocoa ensures that endorphins are released. Exactly that what women regularly consider necessary during their period, is what I’m thinking. It should give a peaceful feeling. But… that’s when we’re speaking of pure cacao.

When I look at the label of the Quicknes jar, I see a large list of numbers and ingredients with names I can’t even pronounce. So this is probably different than just pure cocoa. As an emotional person, I naturally want to taste and experience everything. However, I do wipe my buttocks with any upcoming consequences.

I live by feeling, since regular real thinking has never paid off for me personally. After some thoughts, I gave that up cold-turkey. I steer far away from it without any problems. That remembrance is also just hassle, it doesn’t solve anything.

Smoking, that’s what I like. Every stick I light, I lift with full breaths. I enjoy it. Such a delicious stickie, you know? Today is the day I give Quicknes a chance. After years of smoking it will probably not be beneficial to rinse with chemical powder. So that’s a good reason not to start with Quicknes. I’m still as stubborn as I was when I was a teenager and take the risk anyway. I often feel quite tough.

P3 – Imaginative Pitfall

My pitfall? stubbornness. disbelief. Sometimes I think I suffer from a lack of understanding. I don’t look beyond today and tomorrow. Because of my lack of insight I live in a place where I don’t want to live. Fortunately, my feelings have compensated and I do live together today. With my wife Bianca. And if she’s sleeping, my imaginary angels come to accompany me. Fantasy can be a good addition to the reality. For example, these imaginary angels taught me how to communicate with the universe!

Simply put, much more becomes possible with the help of the fantastically imaginative machine we all carry within us. The brain, which is as plastic as creativity can become. 57•. .•The key lies in opening up, is what I believe.•.

P4 – Astro’s Law

But, so… I regularly approach stars, so to speak. I try to have conversations with them, you know? Without kidding and joking, it’s true that I’m having the conversations on a heavenly level. Heavenly level is higher than the highest level. Or… is there something higher than heaven? The stars often let me know that everything is getting better. They provide support, is what they let me believe.

I don’t believe stars anymore. Ten years ago a star told me that: I would be in a forest with water, bubbles and beautiful fish today and I was promised to be an archer. I would become a fighter, a cupid, and happy and determined right now. Whatever. Nonsense all!

Astro’s law obeys the bright and possibly non-existent glare. Obey, as her black trap does. They call them black holes. Holes filled with absolutely nothing where everything that even enters anything disappears immediately. Like a star, but then it doesn’t really disappear.

P5 – Brown, worn and empty

The philosophy of a star, in my opinion, is to simply ‘relax’. Regularly hanging out quietly without actually hanging there. After the deed, bang or a few seconds on high intensity, the star no longer feels like doing anything. ‘Being there’ is not obvious everywhere and so people are not very different from stars. “Bianca!?” is what I shout across the living room.

I forgot to buy the milk, so I think it would be useful to walk into the somewhat old and cheap supermarket on the route of Bianca’s sister. The wind picks up and I run fast. Last week I really needed navigation for this. Not anymore right now. Which means that I am slowly starting to find my way in this chaotic, shabby hamlet.

Why did I move here? Very simple. The hamlet is shabby, and so is my wallet. Brown, worn and empty. The day I got the key, my fiancé had something on her mind again. She has always been spoiled. Quite obvious, because when you look at her, you can see nothing but a filled heavenly wonder. What would be a miracle she has in her mind? Duh… A glitter glamor surprise party. How could it be anything different?

P6 – Glass Ball

Her large, full, shiny chestnut-like eyes and long natural eyelashes regularly make her look like a glass-ball clairvoyant. She makes it seem like she can just look into the future. She may be bluffing, but the predictions she made were never really wrong. Until recently, many people called weekly for such a forecast. She has had a regular broadcast moment on television. She managed to generate an income from her charm because the doomsayers about the future – a future that is of course uncertain – turned out to be convinced that she is ‘the lady with the crystal ball’. The one and only, so to speak.

The investment turned out to be the loss because, being as lazy as women in general are, she’d send exactly the same prediction to every customer. After being up and running for less than four days and having collected €4600 net in income, she was taken to court. She received a hefty fine and afterwards this project has yielded nothing. Her reputation as a fortune teller has been completely destroyed.

“A glitter dress, Harry. Please, a glitter dress. I don’t listen to stars anymore. I promise. From now on I will follow my own intuition.” my fiancé tells me on the phone. I tried to avoid the topic of the glitter dress inconspicuously because I just traded my last coins for a carton of milk. I am ashamed of this and promise her a glittery dress. I start to moan out of goodness.

My world and that of the universe and surrounding systems have rotated at least one hundred and eighty degrees at the speed of a rocket. 213•. .•“Whoever does good will receive good.” The stars should be taken seriously. You just can’t take them so punctually. As if stars are exactly round and the universe is actually a rectangle, or a trapezoid.•.

I can not imagine it. On my way back home, whistling and looking around me, I notice all kinds of different colors popping up above the trees. It is a compressed herb that can cause a visual rainbow filled with pops and joy. A miracle and actually the key to universe science. My fiancé Bianca – who is still on the line – asks me: “Is universe science physics as well? Isn’t that covered?” Of course I didn’t answer. I am not a clairvoyant. But if I were, I’d really like to scam my own fiancé.

P7 – Telephatic Telescope

For forty-six thousand euros. Then I can get a telepathic telescope, which I’ve recently seen on Sell Tell. Such a thing in which you look and at the same time it’s promised to actually arrive at the place you’re watching. Seventy percent off so it’s a bargain right now.

“I have to pay 4600 to get to Mars.” I tell Bianca. In spite of this, it’s probably better to stay where I am. I don’t believe those TV shows anymore. It doesn’t sound very realistic either. However, when I watched the Sell Tell episode recently, I started experiencing tingling sensations downstairs and upstairs that I had never experienced before. As if I could already feel the telepathic telescope working through my television. “Magnetism is no joke, honey.” I tell my fiancé with my deep and shaggy voice.

I pull my tail out of my shirt because my back is very itchy. Such a bit back and forth to the super is slightly tiring. I’m all sweaty and itchy. “My great-grandmother used to have a so-called itching disease. Slightly sensitive and I would like to prevent that… But you already knew that.” I tell Bianca – for about the thirtieth time –.

P8 – Korsakov

My tail also needs to be washed once in a while. Fluffy, leftovers, well, yeah. Just clean the bathroom first. “I’m not starting it. Honey, have you got something to do?” I ask her. Of course, no answer. I ask it again. “Darling? Do you have something to do?” Never mind, I think. I can’t get off the chair anymore. “The fact that we don’t bump into the rest is because the Earth is flat. Do you understand that now, dear?” “Oh yes, again I forgot that you are already asleep” I tell her while she doesn’t hear anything. I’m talking in the hopes that she’ll wake up, so hopefully she can clean up a bit. Yet I keep forgetting that she is sleeping.

I have Korsakov, the doctor says. I don’t understand, isn’t that something that looks like a weapon? Phew, it smells like piss in here. Hey, those rotten cats too. There are styes everywhere. “Honey, wake up…” I mumble as I drop my tobacconist on the floor and lick some leftover Quicknes powder from my beard.

Perhaps I will have to stick with the least of the least. Every situation or choice has a worst-case scenario. In this story my life has completely turned towards happiness. Without such a scenario, a lot of tension would also disappear, tension that I do enjoy. From now on I will not think of the worst, but the best.

Away fear. Get rid of pessimism. Hi luck. Now without thinking… but just enjoy. Conspiracy theories are useless and do not make anything better. Neither does fear. Neither does Korsakoff.

61,1•. .•Acceptation is definitely more important.•. Life goes on as it goes. Kisses sent from the galaxy.

Part ‘bye’ 

Greetings from The aimless, mostly absent-minded unpredictable imaginative old unkempt archer


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