Lucid Dream Pandemic

Believe in yourself

Wesley wants to go to bed early tonight. He just survived a physically intense day of lifting heavy machinery intended for all hospitals suffering from shortness of equipment. All hospitals are operating at maximum capacity which means that not all patients will receive the same amount of care. He saw too many people suffering and dying. People are yelling for help all day, all night. Every sick person fights for his place at the Intensive Care or if not available they will demand a rest room where they at least are being monitored. It was a mess and we weren’t prepared at all.

Barely any people on the road. The world looks like it’s abandoned and depressed. The weather is stormy and the sky is full of rainy dark clouds that are in the mood to release their huge amounts of water. Wesley is driving one-hundred and fifty miles an hour on the never ending highway, preparing for the worst. ”It was sunny this morning. Though’d it would be a good idea to open the roof of my cabriolet. paired with my amazing high-end pilot sunglasses I always feel like a true boss. It’s sad however that the roof is in constant need of maintenance. I haven’t been able to close it since.”

From electronic dance music to serious new information about our next health hazard. ”According to journalists this virus is synthesized and produced by human beings. Produced on a large scale in special labs where they manipulated it’s genes to make it multiply more at a higher rate. They also modified the skin into a green sticky substance which will lead the virus to vaporize when exposed to sunlight. It will be in the air going upwards trying to find a cloud to infect. When in the cloud it will multiply at a faster rate than any virus ever found in existence, leaving the clouds full and packed of it. A body is no longer necessary. Scientists say we -need to prepare for the worst- as it will rise from an epidemic to a pandemic scale in less than a day. Rain will make you sick, so be sure to stay inside. Close all windows and follow all guidelines according to the world health organization.”


As he speeds up even more, reaching one-hundred and eighty miles an hour, he hopes to enter the tunnel on time so he can hide. He can feel that the air is getting more humid. ”The feeling of driving without a roof this morning was not worth it. Nobody saw me so I didn’t impress anyone. Who in all of existence knew I was putting my life at risk?” Anxious more than ever before with cumulonimbus hanging above of him ready to release.

He is getting less tense as the tunnel gets closer. ”Where are the lights? I see a very dark entrance. That’s scary. The lights in the tunnel aren’t working. It is extremely dark. When driving closer, the hole is changing vividly into some kind of black matter. It is expanding in size and very round-shaped.”

”Ah, I understand. I had a panic attack at work after I saw a dead man on the floor. He died because the Intensive Care and all other rooms were full. I quickly ingested this chemical I thought I was going to reduce my anxiety with. I expected a calm state of mind which is exactly what I would need being trapped in a synthetically induced life-threatening acute pandemic. It seems to be something else, something playing with my senses. Distortions in vision combined with difficulties driving straight.”

Still in dry air he will soon be entering this tunnel. He pushes his break already half a mile before entrance. He needs to slow down because the tunnel is very tight.

”A lucid dream is a dream wherein you can start to control your dream” whispers a voice from a dimension traveling dark anxiety-based painful paradox of reality. Wesley feels his heart pumping in his chest. ”What the hell. Who spoke? This should be no joke. Where are you? What are you? I am driving a tunnel, you should not distract me. What is going on! Am I getting crazy? It was real. Talk to me!” As he continued to yell he is slowly reaching the end of the tunnel.

Where are we going? What kind of person is Wesley?

Granted with the power of control his eyes start to shine when thinking of becoming a superhero. He likes to be praised. He must do the one thing that’s right in this situation. 37•. .•He thinks for a few moments to make sure he will come up with the right plan.•.

What do I value more? Receiving love and getting praised for saving some people from the dead or would I rather not be praised to save way more people from the dead? 67•. .•As he takes the decision in favor of all, he heals and he spells the perfect spell. He wants happiness to return.•.

The spell causes Angels to arise. Green shady transparent creatures that pop up everywhere are walking through walls looking like princesses spreading the synthetically produced vaccine necessary to heal all and everywhere. 85•. .•We got back our peaceful planet -called earth- where we live life to the fullest. The good rescued us from the devil.•.

Angels are handing the synthetic vaccine all over the world. Transparent soul walking through all objects and buildings. Healing and binding. 215•. .•Grateful for the simplest of things.•. The angels did their job to now return to their own galaxy.

This particular Angel wants to explore the world, she wants to have freedom. She does not get appropiate food. The food that she eats barely contains vitamins. She has acne all over her body. An unhealthy living angel hurt and she is afraid for her future. She deserves to live. Give this angel a chance to live. Don’t let her pass away. Give her a chance.

218•. .•“Let designers of earth have more discussions and communication with human kind and enable forces to activate dynamics within our atmosphere. One that grows and thus improves.”•.

Wesley’s wise deep thinking is to be complimented and many people could try to do so as well. It makes you realize you know nothing. Individuals that really believed to know nothing were more intelligent on average (14℅).

Wesley says that he feels like he is seriously tripping. He doesn’t understand the fact that he took a hallucinogenic substance. They have no medical use for any physical problems.

He wanted to be free of anxiety and is now left totally intoxicated.

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