Dream Machine

We are not afraid

Statement: Virtual space will provide most of the critical infrastructure for our personal lives, the economy, business, social institutions, and government in the future. However, no civilization can function successfully with a critically flawed infrastructure. Virtual space is critically flawed.

 Life Sciences Executive (retired)

Agreed. The world needs an AI engine trained ab initio in our chemistry, physics, math, biology, etc., (fundamentals) and then that AI engine is directed to compared those laws, theories and hypotheses to real world data by having it digest journals of engineering and scientific observational studies. An AI engine running simultaneous partial differential analysis on what we think we know versus observed reality.


This sounds like a superb solution! Do you have some kind of roadmap for your plan? I assume that you are going to create this and put it into practice. I have a few questions…

Would it be possible to migrate universes? If so, how do we stay in contact with those we left behind? Is there a port for that?

While migrating universes, what could one do when an error occurs and the ‘login.php’ of the server you’re in is suddenly hiding, within a universal bin? How could one recover his or her property?

Transfers between individuals- how could they be encrypted if there are as much as possibilities we have in the ‘real’ world?

Isn’t the real world and surrounding a safer place than the exact same world and galaxy driving on a CPU? A plant could never be hacked in any way, but that will change as soon when codes are involved, right?

My guess would be that if you make a mistake within the system you’re describing- then you might be send to a death wallet somewhere and get stuck prison for ever. That would absolutely be a painful outcome, considering the time you’ve put in establishing such a machine.

Anyway, when a system like that comes around, I’ll think twice. And then buy it, because I am interested in such technologies.

Life Sciences Executive (retired)

Soul you seem to be implying a virtual reality machine. I am not. I am referring to the need for a diagnostics engine that could, for example, remove or reduce some uncertainty and estimation between theory and engineering reality.


L.S.E. 58•. .•I already felt that way when I wrote that response. But continued with it. I thought it would be a nice read for you.•. I think I understand what you are implying now.

Do you endure a diagnostics engine that could either remove or reduce some uncertainty in numbered answers? is it lacking when it gives ‘disproportional’ outputs?

195•. .•Keep your engine stable, by having these configured parameters set. This may prevent possible encoding failures. It would be cool to add a feature in there, one that is able to manipulate these parameters. Then the encoding and processing stabilizes, without the need of continiously synchronizing manually.•.

This then is an automatic configuration, for you to save time.

But… That machine does not exist yet, does it.

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