Quantum butterfly


So there I’ve made a huge decision in my life. The words are as follows: magenta, butterfly, stick, hat and tombstone. This story is fictive (as if you couldn’t smell that by the title alone).

This evening feels special and I still can’t believe it of being true. So here’s what happened: at six o clock in the evening we had dinner. It didn’t taste well so we immediately decided to go to a restaurant. My lady has Ubery on her smartphone and I asked her to book for like NOW. Me and her couldn’t resist the good smells of the food that was just waiting for us to be cooked and baked.

I should have resisted it because we both only had fifty euro’s left to spend, and there were thirteen days left for the next salaries to come. We both do not have a savings or investments account.

Anyways, the Ubery is arriving in eight minutes. We dress up, make sure we smell good and we fixate our hairs styling. We make it just in time and so we walk quickly down stairs. When we open the door we see this cozy but a bigger sized super fancy car waiting for us. We go sit inside and wow, I really can’t wait until we have these nice plates filled with food in front of us.

While the tires of the car started rolling, and some small talk with the driver has started, we both noticed a strange atmosphere. We didn’t know what the cause was until me and my lady looked at each and one another; we grew so much as a couple in the past couple of months and so; sometimes we do not need words anymore. A different kind of communication, basicly? (Yes… it is a fictive story)… Wait what? Is it?

So here’s what we noticed: the red jacked the taxi driver was wearing looked like a Sonjack’s one and so indeedly it has holes everywhere and the sleeves were cut. His hair however, was hanging in front of his eyes. Yes… when it comes to the first thoughts about a person; it often is about the way he or she dresses and of course the charismatic traits the person has; so there we are… scanning the Ubery driver with the help of our eyes.

How could we not like fully scan this guy? He’s dressing like one of the (in our eyes) most favorable music artists in history. Yet he is looking at the road with only one eye. Me and my lady look each other in the eye one more time and then both came to the conclusion that this man was mysterious as can be. I mean… he wears a shirt under the jacket containing a drawing of a (grand) piano; and it’s twelve degrees outside.

Twelve degrees? Why do I mention this? Well.. the guy is wearing short pants that are colored; obviously containing red but not only that… Magenta is in there. Yes… the most mysterious color out there; since it’s absolutely timeless, sharp, yet calming. They paint these colors in modern trains now since science has proven that this color makes the ride feel less long for the people. Anyways… how is this color named magenta brought to life? We both dive in thoughts deeply while being transported by the mysterious man that connected with us by the use of Ubery.

A few moments later we step out of the car and arrive in this beautiful place called ‘Town of the Pink’. This neighborhood has a good vibe; we only found the name a little odd when we first knew about it. It’s not like things are truly pink out here.

Anyhow, we are on our way to the restaurant and notice all the lights around us. The architecture here is created wonderfully and as we can tell there are just as much decoration lights as usual. This place is like ten minutes close to our house and; it’s known for it’s nice beach too!

After fifteen minutes we find our place to have dinner. We often try something new. This place brings you a menu based on fishatarian fish. It’s called ”Fishatary”. You would expect that these kind of things do not happen close to the beach side. But ever since Spiracysea came out on Flixnet people started questioning eating their fish.

When I open the menu card I see ”Pulled Lobster” and I immediately wanted to try this. I ask lady what she wants and she says: ‘I’ll just order garlic bread. I don’t trust fake fish.’ I agree on her since it’s quite a new concept; the fishetarian fish. Like… may it even be called fish? We’ve both never heard of it, until now.

Nobody is coming to our table so I decide to head on to the bar. While I tried to speak to the busy man; somebody else interrupted me. This lady spoke loud. ‘May I have one amaretto and one beer please, nobody is coming to our table.’ The man behind the bar answered and said: ‘Yes but we do only serve 0.0 percent alcoholic beverages.’

I get wild. Cause… This place doesn’t only sell fake fish, it also only sells alcohol free beverages. I am completely blown away by this modern but chic looking place.

This is something new. I’m thinking alcohol (or just drinks) is where places like this make the most revenue on; especially a beach club. How come it is so load and crowded? They must serve real good food.

The lady got her beverages and it’s my turn to speak. I ask the bartender to come to our table, or to send someone. The bartender nods. I return to our table and tell my lady about the alcohol. She would have liked a real glass of wine so it made her sad. She quickly takes a few puffs of her cigarette and then throws it away: on the ground.

41•. .•‘Honey, that’s number one plastic pollution. You are aware of that right?•.Throw your filters in the ash tray.’ ‘there is none’ she responds. ‘I’m sorry’, and there she picks up the filter and throws it in the bin right next to us.

She comes back and after some talking, we decide to go away. Right at this moment, the bartender was there, here at our table. He says: ‘hello there, smoking is not allowed. Only e-cigarettes are permitted. Here, I give you a free one time use pod.’ It’s a sleek pink vaping pen (Yes… pink) and there we are; we decide to stay.

‘What would you like to order?’ the man asks politely. ‘One piece of the garlic bread and one pulled lobster please’ I say. The man shouts ‘On it’s way!’ and quickly runs back to the bar. ‘That was weird’ my lady says. I totally agree with her but… it doesn’t matter because there probably is nice food coming our way! ‘You might want to put your vaping pen down honey; they are probably not giving you another one and we do not have all the money in the world, remember.’ She says: ‘No! I like this thing too much. I’m going to beg flirting if it runs out.’ ‘Okay, puff ahead.’

The food arrives and I notice a huge butterfly at the corner of my plate. Guess this place is like a different world. Or a different dimension. Just this place though; the ‘Town of the Pink’ is quite- how could I describe it… normal?

Butterfly on the plate containing the ‘pulled lobster’

So it looks like a card… I turn it and it says: ‘Hello Antonio, you have been invited to dance with the most dangerous butterfly in the world; first of April this year. Visit us at the Factory0110 located in Madrettor. You get to have fifty grand from us if you survive. Be there just before 22:22.’

My lady looks at me and asks: ‘what are you reading?’ on where I respond: ‘babe, I can make fifty thousand euro’s dancing with the most dangerous butterfly in the world.’

She laughs and tells me that it must be a joke. ‘No, it even states my name! Somebody must be following us.’ She looks at me and asks: ‘How dangerous can a butterfly be?’ I respond that there is no such thing as a true dangerous butterfly. ‘Let me look it up online.’ She says. ‘The internet knows.’

While she is looking it up I try out the pulled lobster. I take my fork and scrape some of it – it has the texture of salmon – off, put it on my tongue and WOW, this is why it’s such a crowded, loud and just busy place. It feels and tastes amazing, almost like it’s in between salmon and chicken. I don’t know… I like it a lot. ‘Honey, this must be the best fake ”pulled lobster” there is- it tastes even better than the real deal.’

‘I don’t care about food’, she responds. ‘Especially now, I really don’t care. Are you going to dance with the so called most dangerous butterfly in the world? The internet says that even these are not so dangerous.’ I’ll have to think about it, is what I say.

‘There are like eight days left to think. They must have been looking at you while you performed at the dance school.’ On which I respond that this butterfly might even be genetically manipulated to make it severely dangerous. ‘When zooming in at one, they do look like some can be dangerous.’ My lady responds. ‘What if the butterfly you might go dancing with is indeed genetically manipulated?’

‘I don’t believe it can be, so I’ll dance with this butterfly. Let’s eat, honey.’ ‘Okay then, I’ll take some garlic bread.’ While she is eating the garlic bread- I go ahead and start eating the rest of my pulled lobster. ‘Every bite feels like a jump sitting on a giant unicorn.’ I tell my lady. She laughs. ‘Don’t you want a bite?’ She now says that she’s not hungry anymore ever since the ‘dance thing.’ Well… I understand and tell her she must do what feels good. ‘I’ll eat the garlic bread, if you don’t have it.’

The food and drinks are now finished, my stomach is full, lady is fine and so we are leaving the restaurant, heading towards home. ‘Let’s walk back, instead of public transport or Ubery.’ My lady responds and says: ‘I’m okay with that, it’s not so chilly anymore. Let’s save some money- we have thirteen days left to go and we just spend half of what we have.’ I correct her and say ‘Eight days. April first, remember?’

‘Ah yes! April first! That day… The day of the jokes.’ Lady said. ‘It’s probably a crazy joke, you should definitely go. It’s in that old grain silo right. At the tenth floor. It’s that place where we often go dancing. Of course you already knew this but… what I’m trying to say is that it’s probably just a joke of one of your party friends; and nothing will happen. So yes I was right telling you that we have thirteen days left to go.’

‘You are right. We’ll probably just meet a dancing friend there. Cool.’ We both smile and enjoy the walk. We open the door of our apartment – we live with neighbors in one mansion right next to the ”Town of the Pink” called: ”Haagden” – and there we see this giant package lying there in the hallway. ‘Did we order something?’ I ask my lady. ‘No, we didn’t.’

It must be for our neighbors, is what I’m thinking. ‘Look, your name is on the paper next to it’ Lady says. ‘Oh my god. Why is my name there, and not written ON the package? What could it even be?’ I’m shocked. Especially since I’ve had this butterfly on my plate.

The package we found in the hallway

We walk up the stairs with the big package and arrive home. ‘It smells odd around here.’ My lady says. ‘Yes it does, ugh. It must be the bin. Remember that time when I ordered a hairsalon yesterday and couldn’t finish it?’ Lady nods and starts talking about how this thing is like is a disgusting all in one dish. I tell her it is a specialty from ”Land of the Nether” and that she shouldn’t disgust it.

‘Do you know it was found by an owner of a hairsalon? He always went to get a Turkish meal in his break and he wanted everything together but mixed up. That’s the explanation for the name. In dutch it’s kapsalon.’ My lady says she didn’t know. ‘But honey, now the entire house smells like this. Please order a small one next time cause… I don’t like coming home in this kind of odor. Let me open the package while you’re going to put this bag in the bin outside.’

I tell her it’s fine and I walk this stinky bag to the bin. The bin is right next to the fancy bank at the corner of our street. Anyways, it’s in the bin now and when I arrive back home I see this huge stick in the hands of my lady. The light coming out of the stick is in between blue and green; turquoise is how they call it.

‘Is that thing something like a light saber?’ I ask my lady while feeling a bit afraid. ‘Is that what I have to dance to the butterfly with?’ ‘I guess so; but it’s not transparent, it doesn’t release heat and it’s also not sharp. Maybe you’re supposed to hit the butterfly with it and knock it into death.’ she responds.

I don’t want to kill a butterfly, I tell her. ‘I’ll just use it for show. I’m only supposed to go dancing with this unique beautiful insect.’ Lady asks whether or not I still think that this is a joke. ‘No’ I respond. ‘Not anymore.’

The stick we’ve received

My phone rings. It’s playing ‘Heal the world’ by Sonjack’s. I’ve put this song as a ringtone because it always keeps reminding me of the importance making this place a better one. I try to be good for the people around me. It doesn’t always work out fully; except for with my lady, likely because of the hectic modern world we live in. Lady is one of the few who understand.

There are also things happening in the world that; might be far away; but do still impact me. I try to not follow the news so much and that makes it easier.47•. .•I must feel good myself to make my lady, or family members happy with me. I must feel fine before I can do my household jobs, perform well at my job and take work out of people’s hands.•. Not watching the news so much helps with that.

I was always trying to fit in ”modern society” but ever since I’ve read a quote that stated ‘When you are born in a world you do not fit in, you are there to make a new one’ I stopped trying and I just followed some steps in order for me to feel good most of the time. This made it not only easier to fit in, it also made me more relaxed and a better man in general. 48•. .•I realized that every small good thing I do for somebody else – or even for myself – will make this world a better one and thus new.•.

The quote that made me think

My little sister actually printed one out and put it in a holder. She gave it to me. ‘Sweetheart, do you remember that what my sister gave me? I must make sure to not kill this butterfly.’ Where after my lady smiles.

I look at the phone and see an unknown number. I pick it up and say: ‘Hello, this is Antonio you’re speaking with.’ I hear a deep voice – it feels like this man is speaking with a voice tone changer – and he says: ‘You know that you’ve been invited. I have seen you and your girlfriend at the beach club. If you think that this is a joke, then you must think twice. You must know that this butterfly is real dangerous and that you might be putting your life at risk. You have dancing skills but you must remember to practice more than usual these upcoming days, especially for when you’re thinking of going. This butterfly is real dangerous. We expect you and know you are able to make it.’

He immediately hangs up after this. My heart is beating in my chest and I’m left with this strange feeling within my gut. ‘Honey, I must go and practice dancing right now. Please turn on some synthwave.’ My lady responds and says ‘synthwave? what’s synthwave?’ I just say that she needs to look for it on Spottyland and turn on a playlist. ‘Hand me the saber, please. I need to dance with it.’

While my lady is studying for her degree I am dancing my socks off. Doing it without shoes on is harder, and that’s because – dancing shoes in particular – give you more grip than socks.

136•. .•I think she’s very disciplined when it comes to her studies. She thinks the same about my dancing and I guess that we’re quite a disciplined couple overall. What I wanted to say is that we need to be silent for our neighbors living right under us.•.

Anyways, those things are not the most important to say right now because, things are about me, going to dance with the so called ‘scariest’ butterfly in the world. ‘Put on your wizard hat.’ Lady says. ‘It breaths with all of nature, remember. You might be able to hypnotize this insect with it.’ ‘Breaths?’ I ask her. ‘It’s just a hat honey, but well okay, if you think it will help me defeat this butterfly without killing it, then I’ll wear it.’ She nods and replies: ‘Everything is an extension of nature, and all things or molecules bring over energy. Your wizard hat is deeply connected, remember.’

The hat (Bought from Rune Shapes)

Three days left to go

Five days later we decide to go to the woods. ‘There are three days left until the big happening.’ Lady tells me while drinking a Chai Latte coffee. ‘This coffee is real sweet, would you like to taste it?’ I take a few sips and look at the beautiful tree standing right in front of us. ‘It’s almost like this came out of arteries, your arteries.’

‘I don’t understand.’ My lady says. I tell her that it was an odd thing to say and that I’ve just said this because I was staring at the tree in front of us. I give her back the coffee. She gimmicks and continues her coffee while I drink my spiced up green tea.

‘Watch out, there’s a huge bumblebee flying over your feet.’ She says all out of the sudden. I stand up, scream and go running places. ‘And you’re supposed to dance with an insect?’ Whereon I answer: ‘Sweetheart, it’s a butterfly…’ She gimmicks one more time and tells me that I should stay calm if this thing is anything like a bumblebee. I agree and finish this yellow greenish tea.

We go walk and pop up to a lake. ‘WOW, that’s beautiful blue water’ lady says. I tell her that it indeed is beautiful and ask: ‘Have you seen the solid mineral materials – by which I mean the forming parts of earth’s surface – so called; rocks?’ ‘Oh my god, she says, that over there is a rock made of Himalayan salt. Do you see it?’ I try to find it but I can’t. ‘I can’t find it. Where is it?’ ‘Right next to the grass, upper left corner.’

Himalayan salt

‘That rock indeed is beautiful honey’ I respond while enjoying the Nethery sun. We walk home and she says: ‘I’ll go studying again, you shall dance.’ ‘You’re right, thank you for reminding me.’

We arrive home and practice. Learn. Dance.

Two days left to go

The alarm rings, we wake up and look each other right into the irises of our eyes. We feel this strong and deep connection that is brought to us by a powerful force and theory called ”stimulation of empathy”. It’s silent for about two minutes and the empathy, the one that activates altruism, does cause ”helping behavior” from both sides – having electrical energy floating in the air between us two – and sets us both up with a feeling compacted by a fear to lose one another, which thrives to words after I saw tears in lady’s left eye. I tell her: ‘I won’t move myself to Madrettor that first of April. We should not go to the Factory0110. You shall not be watching while an insect takes the life of your love. This buttery dancing spectacle is not going to take place.’

We dress up and again order an Ubery. We use Palpay – a way to pay later for your ordered good or service – and so we are able to book a ride to ”The land of Elgium”. Without hesitating we do step into this somewhat less classy car than we ordinarily drive with and sit down for three hours. We’re both in the backseat and are, every minute of the ride, time after time, amazed by the flowery smell coming off of the perfume worn by the female charioteer.

As we traveled without thinking but smelling we felt – somewhat different than the one gives by the timeless magenta worn by the male chauffeur of last time – quite lightweight, like we’re gender-less flying mermaids or something like fashioned. This feeling does not last as we are stressed with what would happen to our Palpay account tomorrow, after we have slept in the hotel waiting for us to be booked. Yes… we’re using the same technique to pay the bill later. Cozy do we sleep in this ordinary room located in Bridgesels.

One day left to go

The hotel phone goes off at 0600. I pick it up and ask: ‘What is wrong?’ As I’m expecting to call with hotel crew, I follow that question up with: ‘It’s six in the morning, don’t call us.’

‘We grant you a ten inch rose quartz and an eight inch amethyst together with the promised hundred grand if you come over and defeat the butterfly.’ A deep voice (the same as last time) spoke and hang up right after. ‘Honey, have you ever heard of Rose Quartz and Amethyst?’ ‘Yes, I’ll look it up for you. The stone hanging around my neck is made from Rose Quartz.’

Rose Quartz

”Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the heart for romantic love, friendships, family, nature and even self-love. It is known to raise confidence and it’s supposed to help with negative emotions like sadness and anger. The carrier or wearer of this stone will receive more understanding from themselves.”


”Amethyst is a powerful protective stone. It is a natural tranquilizer as it balances the mood and disrupts processes like fear and anger. Known to alleviate sadness and to dissolve negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Strong healing and cleansing powers are present.”

‘We still aren’t doing it are we.’ ‘No, and I want to sleep some more. Book two more nights here, right now, before Palpay blocks our account.’ ‘Alright’ I tell her. ‘Let’s do that.’

We stay in the hotel all day doing precisely nothing.

the day of the big happening

At 19:00 in the evening a guy knocks on our door. ‘We come for Antonio. He needs to come with us.’ We decide to hide in the bathroom and lock the door. ‘If he doesn’t come with us, I’ll shoot.’ Lady and I look each other in the eye and think: ‘Oh god, they have guns. This is by no means organized by any of our friends.’ They kick in the door and try to open the bathroom. Of course, it doesn’t open. The guy repeats: ‘If you do not come with us now, I will shoot you.’ and kicks in the bathroom door.

He grabs us around our necks as if we are cats and escorts us to the car that’s waiting in front of the hotel. At 22:00, we arrive at the parking spot right before the Factory0110, Madrettor.

Old grain silo with the factory0110 located upstairs

‘Come on, go inside’ the man says. We do that and step into the elevator. We click on ’10’ and wait the long time of vertical transportation out. With fear – not to be forgotten.

Elevators exit

We step out of the elevator and move ourselves through the industrial hallway. We enter the dancing area. It is surprisingly silent around here.

Dancing area

I look twice and I still can’t find people. The only thing I noticed were the camera’s, looking bigger than usual. It’s mega silent, as if there’s no one. The man grabs my lady again around her neck. ‘I’ll escort you to our place and… what’s your name by the way?’ ‘Viyor’ She speaks softly, as if she’s shy. Shy and afraid of what’s going to take place.

My watch beeps and it displays: 22:18. I’m alone and thinking ‘Wow, everything seems to be connected. I didn’t set any alarm. This must be a dangerous thing, I would otherwise have expected some people watching over here.’

As I’m moving myself from one pillar to the other, the music arrives. ‘Hey, my hat! My blue wizard hat is on stage!’ I walk to the stage and put my hat on. ‘Who brought my hat here?’ I ask myself under the excitement and joy of the music playing. ‘FEAR-FULL’ I shout and decide to begin dancing. I move on beats, feeling the frequency of the sound to be prepared and to erase some of the stiff anxiety, grief and sadness I’ve got stuck in me. I feel an adrenaline sensation strongly, as if my gut shoots it out to all of my body parts – even toes and fingers – and there I yell again: ‘I’M READY, LET THE BEAST ENTER THE DANCING FLOOR. I DARE YOU…’ dancing as I go, 23•. .•I’m now feeling it, feeling the factory.•.

I’m unable to hear any sound but the music that’s playing. I start to rave like ”The Dancing Robot” and I get lost in my own free and forgiven world. ‘There is no clock here, but I bet it must be 22:22 now that I see this beautiful butterfly flying on-stage. It’s grande – all but compacted – it’s huge.’ The music brings a message: ‘THIS IS QUANTU-U-U-MMM.’

The bigger than usual quantum butterfly

‘Quantum refers to a single packet of matter or energy.’ is what my brain’s spinnin’ so I’m concluding that this dancing fight is going to be fair, like a one versus one. I climb up the stage and start to dance around this not-moving insect. I’m wondering: ‘Did this thing just fly to the stage or did the lights turn on?’ I keep on going, yet feeling as if something is not quite right. Right at this moment somebody from upstairs – yes… I too didn’t know that there was anyone – throws me the light saber. The one with the LED being in between blue and green.

I put it in my hands and while I’m moving the saber around the butterfly, it does come to life. The wings start to flutter but somehow it isn’t flying. I’m thinking: ‘Is it fake?’ but as I keep on going, it makes it’s body up into the air.

Exactly now, MY HAT COMES TO LIFE, and it flies right over the butterfly, as if it’s a fruit fly. 108•. .•I surrender as I do not want to kill this beautiful thing.•. I stop dancing, the lights turn on and Viyor runs towards me – smiling. ‘It was all a joke and I organized it. This butterfly is special but at the end of it’s life, and therefore we have arranged a beautiful tombstone here in the factory. I knew your hat was a protective life savior of all beauty. It’s down the smoking area. Come with me, I’ll show it to you.’

The tombstone

Made of Rose Quarts and Amethyst, carrying the odor of Himalayan Salt.

49•. .•‘Those 100 grand were obviously a joke, but the entire dancing club raised money for this unique tombstone.•. By the way, they are here to dance.’

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