Dear psychiatry

DEMENTIA: Noopept for early symptoms! A good drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's/dementia. Grows new connections in the brain. I am convinced! If you have any questions, you can send me a message. Because it's so cheap it's barely used, mead people won't know it exists. I've done research.

I’m very thankful that I have continued help towards my own place. Things are organized well in psychiatry. Sometimes however you have to really ask for help; but that’s why there should be psychological interventions by psychologists once in a while. There is proper food and the beds are clean and good. However, having spent a year in a psychiatric facility and having tried multiple medicines; I found out that ”Lithium” can be disastrous to ones health. Here is my proposal: Lamotrigine or Depakine as first choice medication; lithium third.

For the rest having tried olanzapine; this medicine works wonders but in dosages of 25-20mg/day it may be unpleasant for the person’s happiness in the longer term. haloperidol: ‘an old medicine but effective for some’. Antihistamine’s for patients with psychosis is likely not good for the physical health (suppression of the immune system). Based research seen as most effective; clozapine. But this one is already a last resort, thankfully. Clozapine appears to be just as severe or even worse than paliperidon – at given dosages – in terms of health.

Paliperidon at dosages of 10mg/day (100mg injection/month) gave me impotence at 23 combined with tachycardia. This medicine should only be allowed in lower dosages. On the contrary; lithium could be effective as antidepressant enhancer in dosages of 200mg instead of the given 1000-1200mg on average for bipolar disorder. Kidneys and the body in general do not like lithium intake. It is made with Cobalt and the same is used for solar panels and batteries.

Abilify is a good solution for ones experiencing hallucinations but whom are able to live with them. It reduces voices and hallucinations; but not completely. Overall I’m most satisfied with Abilify as the other antipsychotics in the given dosages gave me terrible or bad feelings, especially longer term (EG: a few months). This might change per person but this option is in my opinion worth a shot.

Beware with the ”U-curve; you want to be in the middle of the U; not less and not more (in terms of dosage). 15MG seems to be the sweet spot for most people (Abilify; aripiprazole); depending on severity of symptoms and weight. It may be 5mg more or less; unless it is used as antidepressant; in that case 0.5 or 1, or 5mg is possibly enough. This medicine is an antagonist at high dosages but an agonist at lower dosages and it impacts various regions within the dopamine system. An antagonist is that what ‘blocks’ a (mainly dopamine) or slightly 5ht2a serotonin receptor (and various other ones; beware with D2 antagonists). An agonist activates a receptor. We luckily already know that both are effective; and that’s why dosing should be precise; hence psychological interventions. The U-Curve is applicable to all medicines and people who cannot word their feelings well should not suffer because of medication. My medication right now helps tremendously. A thank you for that.

I’m very thankful that I have continued help towards my own place. Things are organized well in psychiatry. There is proper food and the beds and rooms are clean and good. I’m having an okay time with laughter. Thanks to the nurses, doctors, and patients.

My current stack that’s working GREAT: ·Lamictal (Lamotrigine) (stabilizer) ·Abilify (aripiprazole) (removes the sharp edge of my voices) ·Strattera (atomoxetine) for my ADD (ADHD PI) ···- All brains differ; many medicines bring side effects. These ones here bring the best out of me. Thank you for listening doctors! I listened as well (In the end…)- (See: no more dex). If you will ever find yourself in psychiatry; always do your own research too. (See: Reddit for persons experiences.) DSM 7: DYOR and speak to your doctor. A doctor can’t see inside of your brain. A doctor helps you, however if you feel bad you do need to express how you feel.