This “world love one thought” stems from dancing on techno music and seeing the results it may bring through brainquakes and being in a vulcano world. Even one alteration for the better is the project it’s victory. Personal or worldwide.

”A form of meditation”

”Stryker pianoman”

”And I will catch you if you fall”

The Bonfire Song by Petey

Introduction song by PeteyC for the ‘talent based social media network. We. All. Benefit. Li, formal. That’s tbsn, informal.

I thought it’d be a cool idea for us, to create. Having shared this, words like “make the idea come true”, become truth, even when we can’t find time for it, or being incapable off. Blablabla, we can’t undo words. Sharing words is an action, so deeds and actions’zero-one-zero’. We’ll try to make it, but I’m doing this solely. Contact me if you’d like to include me in your team. I’ll gladly help and support you during your mission. I’ll be able to help with the writing. If you don’t start it up, then we will one day. We’ll be able to share another idea.

”We’ll be the sunshine of it all”

”I’m Sloan and Freeman”

”Make it a better place”

”For the entire race”

“connecting dots”

one second… wkywai

World Love One
World Love One

Probably almost all truth is out of it. No… -> “the bumble bee tranquilo”

Not it. It’s lit. The powerkit. A revolution. Fund this cobalt. The Chemists. Alter production. A safer function. Make games and movies without violence just as exciting. There’s an example coming… Hold on, stay with me

In the game “Call of Love“, humans are like multi cultural caricature players. They don’t look like living beings. They’re funny.

You shoot with a paintball gun. This comes out of the purple camo gun. Then you fly to on top of the ozon and wait. Look at the beauty down under.

Wait till it’s your turn again, after square like high field of view observation. “In the meantime, you could click “b” to fly with birds. And poop on the paintballers his head.”

Now when everybody is on the ozon or in the galaxy, a new round starts and everything will return back to normal. Normal is great. We play again. “Who will paint me into the Galaxy now?” “I’m better, you can do it you paintstar.”

His is also hers. She is just as important to learn about the galaxy it’s beauty

Cirrus: ” We are the world. ”

Modern Welfare