Feel good

Your brain is always looking for ways to release feel good hormones. We are going to talk about the hormone dopamine. This hormone has a big influence on our thoughts and behavior.

Dopamine is a chemical that is always present in the brain. It makes sure you can stay concentrated and motivated but it also mediates pleasure. When you do something you like, the dopamine level in your brain will start to raise.

How high the dopamine level becomes totally depends on what you are doing. For example; the levels will raise when you eat something you like, ‘make love with each other‘, when you perform one of your hobby’s, listen to music… and so on.

So what impact does dopamine have on your behavior?

When the levels of dopamine are raised, you will have a better mood and you will feel more comfortable. When you are having a great night out with your friends, it’s normal to feel a mood change in a positive way.

When you are doing things you don’t like, for example ‘picking weeds‘, the levels of dopamine in your brain will just remain normal (or greater, when it’s a passion of yours), but when you are picking weeds for hours on end, your dopamine levels will get below normal (or normal, passion again), and this means you definitely need a break.

What you just said about doing things you like and doing things you don’t like, is mainly because of the dopamine levels in your brain. But can’t I just raise the dopamine levels in my brain when doing things that I don’t like?

Yes, that’s definitely possible. Listening to music while you work is a good and easy way to raise your dopamine levels. You could also try to change your mindset, what I mean by that is that you start telling yourself that the work you do isn’t that bad. Maybe it’s enjoyable in different ways.

Haven’t you had any days at work that actually were boring but when you came home you thought ‘Hey, I had a good day today’.•. That’s probably because your overall physical and therefore your mental health was better at the moment.

You started your day with the right mindset and you probably you weren’t even aware of this. If you practice to better your mindset, don’t give up too quickly. In the end it pays off and you will be happy you began training•. and manipulating your brain. Do it step by step and eventually you will realize it really does work.

Is there a way to naturally raise my dopamine levels?

Of course there is. Make sure you get enough rest, this will have a positive impact on your hormone system.•. Eating healthy will also have a positive impact, fruits and vegetables do contain a lot of enzymes and other nutrients that will help you maintain a good overall health including your physical health.

Sports and bodily movement also works very well when trying to improve your physical and thereby your mental health. The neurons will then be triggered a lot and that will result in faster repair of damages at cellular level and the communication between neurons will enhance.•.

Aren’t there more feel good hormones active in your brain?

There are much more feel good hormones active in your brain. For example; the hormone serotonin, which regulates your sleep and much more, is also active as a feel good hormone. When you fall in love with somebody, the serotonin levels in your brain will begin to raise and it will result in a small amount of euphoria, even though the hormone system needs to be balanced.

All these hormones are connected with each other. Maybe now you understand that depression is all but weakness, it’s a disease that’s developed by the unbalanced physical hormone system in the brain. But that’s another subject…

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