Story of faith

Sometimes, people need to have faith. What is faith, who is faith, where is faith, when do we speak of faith?

There once was a girl, named Elisabeth. She was walking trough the woods and she felt happy. Mysteriously happy. She knew which way she wanted to go. There were a lot of directions that she could have chosen, but she knew what direction was best for her. She had some kind of special feeling, a feeling that she could hardly describe, with one particular path.

It almost felt impossible to her to describe with only words. She wanted to share this feeling and she wanted to do other people a pleasure by sharing this feeling. She tried to describe this feeling so therefore she wrote a lot of things down on a paper that she found walking her path

This is what she wrote

The paper she found – on the ground

As there was no more space on this paper, she also ran out of words. She lost the paper at the end of her journey, sadly. She tried to express her feelings. She tried and it did not work. She realized that her feelings of being unable on explaining the mysterious feeling that she felt was correct and she stopped trying.

She started dancing and expressing her feelings. She starts to move and walk her path, while dancing. She starts to move on everything she feels. She feels the colors, she feels the smells, she feels earth and she feels mothers nature. 2•. .•She feels the positive side of being alive as a human being.•. She feels what holds us all alive and together. She feels everything but devil. She feels beauty. Suddenly, she feels extremely overpowered. Energized as more than ever before and filled with more love than ever before.

While she is dancing and expressing, even more beauty arises. She realizes that she does not have to think on how to move, how to speak or how to behave.

At the moment she realizes that beauty originates from beauty. She creates a new connection in her mind by making use of her overclocked ‘Nerve Growth Factor’. She creates while her body moves on music. It’s a fascinating thing to see that her body moves perfectly in synergy with sounds that’ll only start vibrating when she’s already done dancing. Her body basically moves on music that is not there yet.

At this moment, she is still not thinking. This has just been said by another feeling, bounded of feelings. Rich of positive senses, positive emotions and love.

The path Elisabeth followed

She does not stop dancing. At this moment, she cannot stop and she doesn’t want to stop. Suddenly, she is been told by mothers nature, that:

14•. .•People make themselves insecure. Because of this, people need to fight a lot harder for the simplest tasks, because people don’t want to show their insecurities.•. Their insecurities simply aren’t accepted by people around them. People think and think, people pretend and pretend. People want to be liked and that is what makes everything difficult.

This originates from survival instinct. When people are in a group, they are stronger. When the people were new on earth, this worked. It worked for many years and brought the human beings as where they are now.

However, in this modern world, it creates difficulties. 65•. .•I want you to know that, Elisabeth, I want you to know that you are better off when you decide to stop thinking about what others think of you. It helps you know yourself better and it helps you love yourself. I have a key, for you, to live the life of your dreams. You are blessed with what you have and the only thing you have to do next is to love and believe yourself. You’re only able to give love to others if you love yourself. You’re only able of being happy when you love yourself. You should realize that you are living with yourself for your entire life, Elisabeth. You better be best friends with yourself first.•.

When you’re friends with yourself, when you love yourself, Elisabeth, you don’t have to think about what others think of you anymore. This makes you better at what you do and removes a big part of your mental stress. It removes anxiousness, grief and anger. It helps you get the most out of you and it helps you create your own best experience of live on earth. It helps you discover your real talents, with a lot less effort. It helps you love, it helps you to feel blessed and it helps you express in positive ways. People are thinking about their own lives anyway, Elisabeth. You are the only one that’s able of creating the life that you wish most for. 198•. .•All I could do was making sure that you’re granted with all the sources you’d ever need. I hope you’re going to pursue your dreams.•. You can do it, Elisabeth.

She is still dancing and the voice continuous: – bad does exist, otherwise there would be no good. This is the reason for all the bad in the world. 206•. .•I want you to have faith in me and I want you to not judge. You are only permitted to judge yourself. I wished that I could send this message to everyone, like how you just tried to express your feelings. The only goal in your mind was making other people feel better by sharing your feelings. I only have availability to a few human beings, Elisabeth. I hope you can try to write my voice down and show it to people around you.•.

Hopefully more people can then begin to try to change and live the life they wish for. I just want people to be happy with everything I have given them. I want no negative emotions, but they’re necessary as they only exist because otherwise, positive emotions would not exist.

Thus, it creates contrast, making happy even more happy. Without negative and positive emotions, people would not feel the need to survive and create a life for themselves. The two opposites are necessary, Elisabeth. But you can still choose which opposite is stronger. Negativity is stronger in theory, a little bit. Survival instincts again. Negative and Negative multiplies faster than positive because of the human’s evaluated body system. –

As she is still dancing and moving, she is still hearing all the words which are created by the colors, smells, vibrations and earths oxygen. she realizes and realizes and learns and learns. At the end of the path, there is a big sign:


101•. .•Live, laugh, love, as common sense, seen and written everyday, is in other words, victory. Thus said, follow your course and navigate to this sign, all will be fine. Stop caring and start living. Loving is possible when you’re living. Connect and enjoy together. Love life. Smile, keep your head up, enjoy the amazing ride filled with flowers and love. Might be a good idea to use humor when you experience a negative episode.•.

Last call

Try to not have regrets – you better learn from it and grow as you go

you don’t want to forget all those special moments

Permanently needled and grooved

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