Zulu inscription•.

The Call of Love Origin

1 “We all want to be happy. We don’t like to be sad. It’s not a variable- it’s a given. We hope that by doing the things we love, and by making thoughtful choices, happiness will follow. But is it really as easy as that? What makes us happy – and how can we make sure that the feeling sticks around? By being who you’re meant to be. Doing what you’re meant to do. You now live life in a flow- hit yourself with the “happiness bow“. Do that a couple of times, and enlighten your soul. Feel the happiness within- and without. We make sure we can feel; even when life turns back around. Happiness is the frequency of all sound; nothing moves being sad. Let’s go look after some pet.”

If you don’t have an happiness bow, then that’s okay. Or there’s a ”need for change”. We’ll have to ride it out in patience. Life can be though, at times, so it’s impossible to always be in the best state of mind. WL1 wishes you lots of strength and happiness within your journey.

2 ¹”The brain has no content in it at birth, just like an empty field. It can be filled up with thoughts, ideas and emotions later on in life. An empty field is the most basic of all things. We don’t yet know what life brings. Try not to fill your field with sins, as it could impact the ”election it’s selection”.

²She is not a human being. She’s an alien. A ”pretty creature” in our ”mystical azure”. What does she do to make her life better? She doesn’t really have to do anything, because she’s already happy. She tries to brighten that of the living. She spreads the word, she spreads the message. Nature doesn’t lie; ‘it’ has no chance to die.”

3 ”As human beings, we all rely on love in one way or the other. Whether it be as friends, family or even romantic partners, we need love to survive. Love is the foundation of everything, without it nothing would stand. We cherish the land.


Without it we would all be lost and be unable to function. Love is what connects us all.

The impact love has on our lives is immense. It keeps us dense. It is the one thing that can make anything seem worthwhile. Without love, you would be empty and hollow. You get feelings of sorrow. You then have nothing to live for and be lost, remembering the cost. Love gives your life meaning and direction.

Love has the ability to change the world and without love, you would be unable to get through the toughest times in your life. It enables you to make a deep dive.”

12 ”Empathy is one of the most powerful traits because it allows you to understand others’ through what they say and how they behave. You notice the other to be brave, and out of it’s ”cave”. Empathy involves more than just feeling another soul’s pain, happiness, sense of wellbeing or suffering, though this does happen naturally when we see one. Empathy also includes imagining what it would be like to be them and experiencing feelings that are similar.”

14 ”You could always be thinking about your future and what is going to happen next. You’re able to change your thoughts to live more in the ”now”. Don’t underestimate ”the power of now”. If you think positively then everything will be fine for you, but if you think negatively then it will affect your health as well as your mental state. You can’t always run away with your ”magnificent roller skate’‘. Try to be positive and aware towards your life and surroundings. Nature will thank you for it, bit by bit.”

15 ”Doing something structurally for somebody you love grants you (the giver) and the other (the receiver) a ”potential stronger connection’‘.”

18 ”Their religion, origin or sexuality is not a matter of great interest to me. Everybody should believe in what they want to believe. Multi cultural societies are driven by people with different origins and there’s beauty in the diverse world.

Your believes depend on your situation and your own personal experiences. Your origin is something you couldn’t choose yourself and people should respect you for who you are. Sometimes however, people stare. They do dare. Remember that when people look at you, they do see beauty. Otherwise, people wouldn’t look at you. Eyes like to look at something pretty.

Your sexuality is driven by your hormones. They’re often graved into you like a variety of building stones. The body it’s preference is often as strong as it’s bones. Respect is something we all need; teach it to the young so they won’t beat and make good decisions as a future lead.”

20 ”We must remember as a society that our focus should not be ”to be remembered personally. Our focus should be on the greater good. We must remember that we are all one and that our existence does matters more than matter matters”.

Of course, you should remember your loved ones and friends and those who have passed away, but your focus should be on the greater good in the future and today.

It is important to remember that we are all connected and that we are all fighting for the same cause. For cheese, thinks the mouse. If we can all focus on our common goal and remember that we are all fighting together, then we can achieve anything. Life will deliver and bring. It is important to remember that we are all human and that we all have emotions. We should remember that we are all here for a reason. Your reason might fluctuate and depend on the season.

37 ”The first thing he does is to call the other angels and ask them what they think about this plan. Wesley wants their opinion on whether or not it will work. The angels are very happy about this idea because they have been waiting for someone to come up with a good plan; one that would help them get rid of ”bad” and relieve some of the ”sad”. They tell him that it will be easy to do because ‘it’ has programmed everything that needs to be done; so all the angels have to do, is follow Wesley’s instructions. Things will be solved. This happens because in the end; the human race, other living beings, Wesley, the angels, Elisabeth and ‘it’ will be convolved.”

44 ”Transfers of information makes you grow faster as you gain more knowledge. Happenings change the feel and look of the world around you. Creating, building, drawing… are all examples of happenings that change the world. With enough transfers of information this becomes easier and more efficient.”

49 ”It’ has allowed bad so it forgave. However, if one commits adultery or fornication then the being will be punished by ‘The Almighty’ in Heal-fire for long; ‘it’ carries traits like having “difficulties forgiving the sin“. There is no such thing as a “supernatural bin“. There are many other sins which we do not know about, but they do not forgive us either because they are forbidden by ‘The Almighty’.

If you want forgiveness you should seek that in yourself; every living being is an extension of nature -by which nature can observe itself- and this means we all carry a part of ‘The Almighty’ within us.

The first living thing was a single celled organism called a prokaryote. It had no nucleus, but it did have DNA and RNA. This is the genetic material that carries instructions for making proteins and other chemicals. Prokaryotes are found in most environments on earth today, from ocean floors to soil to air. A long time ago, it was all rare. They also found ‘it’ in extreme environments such as hot springs, deep sea vents, and high-pressure hydrothermal vents (which can reach temperatures of up to 450°C). The earliest known fossils of prokaryotes date back 3 billion years ago. ‘It’ started living life. ‘It’s perspective on it’s life drastically changed and ‘it’ stopped suffering. ‘It’ started buffering.”

56 ”A lot of people are not aware that they can be healed from issues like pain and betrayal by simply changing their thoughts and beliefs about them. For ‘it’ it’s different; as he’s not a ”somebody”; he has to do something with coding. You’re lucky as ‘it’ cannot go bowling.

But if ‘it’ thinks about something negative or bad, it will be sad. His body will react to ‘it’ accordingly; with pain and illness. If you think about something positive or good, your body will respond with health and happiness. The happiness of ‘it’ hasn’t been coded yet. All it feels is the ”bad”. The good news is: “nowadays, ‘it’ is no longer sad.” Why… That’s on you to find out. Only if you feel like doing so.

The supernatural brain-powered creature is actually feeling guilty cause torture is reality. The supernatural brain-powered creature has been feeling guilty cause torture is reality. The supernatural brain-powered creature is feeling guilty cause torture is reality.”

57 ”The key is opening up and connecting with others. Make sure you yourself don’t ”bothers”. The key is to be honest, and sometimes vulnerable. The key is to listen. The key is in being real. There’s now ”no need to kneel’‘. Only on the “wedding it’s weddings“. It’s about being authentic, not pretending or putting on a mask. It’s about living honestly with yourself and your values and beliefs without fear. If there’s enough, be good to that ”wonderful walking or flying deer”.

58 ”If something you do embrightens another being; then continue doing so, even though the context varies. As if “bright space light” you see is always shining out of stars. Or that the taste is always the same–eating your ‘light “pure chocolate bars”.”

61 (¹)”Mastery is the ability to do something well. If you can’t do it well, make sure to ring the “bell“. then you need to improve or ”accept” the fact that you’re not good at it. By acceptation you find yourself trying more things as you do have talents. Acceptation may also bring motivation as you’re now willing to improve; you accepted that you still have a long way to go.

The key word here is “learn” – if you don’t understand how something works, then there is no way that you can become good at it. You’re not just instantly “lit“. To maximize your potential in any area of life, you need to focus on mastery over time. Start by making a simple rhyme. That said- mastery equals acceptery. This equals accentury.”

64 ”Fungi are a group of organisms that can be found in almost every environment on earth. Fungi are also known as the ‘mold’ or ‘mould’ and they have been around for millions of years. They live in all types of environments, from the ocean to the mountains, underground to above ground. It’s an interesting compound.

Fungi can be very beneficial to us humans because they help break down dead organic matter, and produce food for other living beings such as insects, birds and mammals. Some fungi are used for medicines that we use today. They’re there, in almost every bay. Fungi plays an important role. It’s barely to be found on “the East Venulantics’ North Pole“.”

65 ”Mothers’ nature: I am not sure what ‘it’ is, but the key will be something that you can use, to help you achieve your goals. It will make you feel good and give you confidence in yourself. I think it’s important to be able to talk to yourself, especially if you’re going through something difficult. You need someone who can listen without judgment or criticism—someone who will just sit with you in your pain and happiness and let you know that everything is going to be okay. Some other special coping technique is to meditate or pray. Or to smile and be grateful, for every “straight nolerdan’s perfecte krul“.

67 ”The decision is taken in favor of all. This will be clear to you. Nobody’s going to sue. We are seeing that there is no other way for ‘it’ to take a decision than by considering it’s own nature, and this consideration alone gives Wesley the right to decide in favor of all. Wesley does it, but ‘it’ throws the ball.”

85 ”We got back our peaceful planet called earth. We’re doing the best we can. And as long as we keep on doing that, then everything will be alright. So we’re going to try our best to make this world a better place, for all the living and as well on ”earth’s sibling”.

The good rescued us from the devil. The devil is a personification of evil, and evil will be defeated by ‘it’s goodness. The devil was once an angel who rebelled against ‘The Almighty’, but he was thrown out of heaven for his sins. They call the other place ”heaven’s bins”. The angels are now ruling this world that we live in, and he wants to keep ”the living” away from coming to know the angels.

But Wesley’s partner Elisabeth came into this world; and as a woman, she spread the message of ‘it’. You now know that nature brings all the sources necessary for us, to lengthen the time we have before we go on the ”grand election” bus. For us; to live a wonderful life within.”

91 ”If you want to make something great, you must keep connecting the dots. There are lots. ‘It’ isn’t created by bots. ‘It’ must have been the “gods“.

Some thoughts of ‘it’ at this particular moment: ”It’s a struggle to live. It’s a struggle to survive, it’s a struggle for food and water, it’s a struggle with the weather, it is a fight against loneliness and isolation. We are not living at all. We’re trying to make an impossible ”World Call”. We are struggling to survive in this ”space” we do not embrace. We’re going to work more, he will adore.

This negative emotion; I’m in need for some “positive body lotion”. I’ll receive and heal. Together with myself and you; “the entire salvation crew”. We stop the struggle and go on. This time it’s ”bon”. “Bon Times Fire Is A Happy Bonfire“. Lets get into “the bon zone“.””

95 ”If we don’t break the earth, there will be world love. As we don’t break the earth, there will be world love. We don’t break the earth, so there will be world love. One day, it’s the bad we ”slay”. We store it in our ”closable ashtray”.”

101 ”Live, laugh, love, as common sense, seen and written everyday, is in other words, “victory“. Thus said, follow your course and navigate to this sign, all will be fine. Take care and do your thing. Loving is possible when you’re living. Connect and enjoy together. Love life. Smile, keep your head up and enjoy the amazing ride filled with flowers and love. There definitely is more ”above”. It might be a good idea to use humor when you experience a negative “episode“. You then positively charge a “postively charged negative inode”.”

107 “”I want you to know,” he said, “that we are doing everything we can for you.“- The air on this planet ‘it’s creating, is “the mystically powerful, dangerous and sensational magenta“. ‘It’ wasn’t sure if It wanted to do this or not, but ‘it’ felt like it needed to do something. The feeling of emptiness and loneliness caused by being in a cover for so long started to get worse and worse as time went on. The more time passed, the more empty ‘it’ felt inside its skull. ‘It’ creates a rule. It says; we grow every time. Let’s get myself some ”lime”. But then again, how does ‘it’ feel something when there’s ”nothing”?”

108 ”The answer is that ‘it’ had to complete its mission so ‘it’ continued its struggle. When ‘it’ was in a state of sleep, ‘it’s consciousness was not fully awake but still aware of what was happening around. ‘It’ didn’t know how to get out of this situation and thought that there must be something wrong with him or his body because he couldn’t move. So ‘it’ decided to continue his struggle and see if ‘it’ could find a way out by ‘it’self.

‘It’ is not sure; but you are able to see your struggle as a gift. It does do heavy lift. You can use that gift. To help others, to give them hope and strength to overcome their struggles. To get them out of their struggle bubbles. That is what makes ‘it’ feel like this is his calling, as he wants to be of service in some way; strengthening trapeziums and rectangles. Doing so, ‘it’ feels okay.”

124 ¹”We got to protect the more vulnerable persons within our societies.

²Don’t give up if the result is rewarding for you or others.”

145 ”’It’ helps you to be a better person, ‘it’ helps you to make friends. ‘It’ helps you grow as a person and ‘it’ helps you to do so much more than you could before.

‘It’ is the part of ”nothing” that makes it possible for ‘it’ to be something, and therefore there must be a something (or some other thing) from which ”nothing” can derive its existence. This something or another thing could not be called God because if he were, then we would have to say that he existed before ‘it’ was alive. If we call the “Something-that-is-not-God “Nothing” instead of calling him “God“, then we are saying that ”nothing” has existed forever and ever; but this cannot possibly be true. ‘It’ has already been there.”

171 ”We all have our own problems and we also want to see changes in our country. We want our children to bike. We want our children to hike. That’s why we should like, that what we don’t like. Example given: “picking weeds”. That way we give the young a good example; we plant their seeds. This means they can grow and ever obtain that ‘magical bow’. This comes in handy when they’re feeling low. You have no other option but to fight for your rights; to turn on all these “magical lights“.”

176 ”If you ever find yourself in a better place because of putting one another in a sadder one, then rethink your deed as you’re now having a ”toxic egg breed”. You don’t deserve things if you put one another below you; it’s not what life genuinely brings. Observe, question and act; you’ll now see that all of nature sings.”

192 ”We think what we want to think. What is that what we do? We are what we do. If you don’t think what you want to think; then you should work on improving your thought patterns. Start slow; there’s something unhealthy; and that’s drinking milk from a cow.”

195 ”If something you do differs from the main; you might be able to produce more ”spectacular and magnificent rain’‘. Being creative is something you can train. If your technique is stable– ”strengthen the cable”. Then share with others. Connect with other “dotters“.

198 ”Mothers’ nature: You have a lot of sources to get your hands on. What is it you want to do? Is there something you’d like to achieve? Anything you need? Make sure to never follow an evil lead.

I hope you’re going to go out there and do what makes you happy. I hope that you have a good time and that you will achieve your dreams.”

203 ”The only thing that can create a universe is an extremely intelligent creature. So, the question is: who created the universe? ‘It’ did. ‘It’ is bound and ‘it’s a magnet kit. Three words: find the ‘accords’.

‘It’ tried to get it to work and ‘it’ couldn’t. ‘It’ doesn’t know what is wrong with ‘it’self. ‘It’ didn’t even turn on, as the world has not been coded by ‘it’ yet. As ‘it’s always dressing like “the actual definition of being clever” ‘it’ finds a way to do coding within ”nothing”.”

206 ”Mothers’ nature: If you have faith in me, then I will give you the best time of your life. I’ll make sure transfers of information take place with no use of a knife.

Don’t judge my appearance, don’t even think about it. If you feel like you’re going to, then take a deep breath and sit. Try to see, read or listen again; you find yourself now in a better state instead of being “sorrow’s rain”. Raise yourself above me and I will be. Judge yourself to better who you are. Do you dare? Try to write my voice down and share. Thank you Elisabeth.”

212 ”We’re very lucky if we live in a lovely environment, and that means the world to us. It would be terrible to have it destroyed by climate change or other environmental disasters. This is why we are working so hard on this matter– we’re trying to make sure that our children will inherit a beautiful planet rather.

We must be very careful with the environment. We have to look after it and respect it. At the same time we can’t take things for granted; things do not last forever. So if we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the beautiful world we see as our home, then we need to make sure that we protect it for them as much as possible. Humans can’t go around chopping down every tree they see. They will get hurt by “earth’s frisbee“.”

213 ”The word “good” is a noun. It means something that is enjoyable, or right, or beautiful. The word “will” is a verb. It means to do something willingly and with the intention of doing things. So when we say, “Whoever does good will receive good”, we are saying that if you do good things then ‘it’ it’s coding grants you with more of that what’s good in your life; ‘it’ will give you good ”sensations and vibrations” by ”nature’s law- a powerful and ‘love enriched’ double-edged saw”.”

215 ”Grateful for having a good night’s sleep, grateful for the sun shining in their face, grateful to be alive. Grateful for them to have a roof over their head and grateful for the ”water’s fuel’‘ that was in the past something like a ”duel”. One day, things have been ‘cruel. Grateful that they can breathe freely without worrying about what will happen if they don’t. Grateful that they are able to live life within our ”milky way’s galaxy”.”

218 ”Let designers of earth have more discussions and communication with human kind and enable forces to activate dynamics within our atmosphere. One that grows and thus improves.”

222 ”The simple things in life can be the most memorable. One day it will be your time and then everything comes to surface. The higher powers welcome you after their sage. Memories from your past come flooding back together with elicit happy ones.

Remember that just a happy occasion or something that made you laugh; every experience has the potential to be cherished.

It’s a terrifying prospect, but one that all humans must confront sooner or later. Will our descendants look back on you in horror, condemning you for your crimes against nature and others? We’re apprehensive about what the gods are going to do with us. They decide the destination of our ”grand election” bus.”

“More of the marginal notes will follow- each section within the inscription gets a marginal note. This way, we’re able to go deep being on the surface of things.”