Be Alive

There are plenty of reasons to be alive. If we want to know what they are, we must make a deep dive. It’s like navigating a journey through life.

These aren’t facts but just numbers and thoughts –

  1. It’s okay to be ill, we aren’t in the middle of a fire-fighting drill
  2. Glorious moments hide in days where we do not need x-rays
  3. Beaches are often close to beautiful bays and rocks are often rare
  4. Blue is the color of the air, it does never impair
  5. We have the urge to buy more, when the clothing we wear has become sore
  6. Five is the number of dignity or patience and the peace at home is established by how we cleanse
  7. Erasing sins cannot be done but with supernatural bins

.. More might follow (when having feelings of sorrow).

Don’t Chase

We often watch birds
There is none we like more 
But the thirds

You could ask us why
The answer is dry 
It's not a lie

We're doing our daily chore
Finding a way to see them prey
Quite hard since birds do not stay
But fly away

Some go hunting
For food or love
Often from up high, above

It's not a silly thing
That they all feel like they're the king
They don't think about any sin
Hunting they do, their bodies are thin

They fly their way
And are totally okay
They're having a good day
Some do not and fly away

Humans need sins 
To rinse 
To not repeat
The not so perfect deed

You could also just listen
Or read
To prevent following of the sometimes evil leed

As your action could be wrong
Cause pain
Even though we're all from the same strain

Trust, follow your gut
Make a good move
Fly above, up high
There is no lie

To not forget
We eventually all die
Make it lovely
Don't wonder why

7•. .•Don't fill your bag with sins
There are no supernatural bins•.

Love, from above 
From up high

By WorldLoveAdmin

A modern salvation knight

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