The Online Safety Concern 

Which applies to more than only cryptocurrency – ‘Telegram is a Submarine floating on surface water.’

Virtual space will provide most of the critical infrastructure for our personal lives, the economy, business, social institutions, and government in the future. However, no civilization can function successfully with a critically flawed infrastructure. Virtual space and online safety is critically flawed.

• My Answer ~ Written for more awareness 

Part One ~ Submarine

The virtual space is flawed because there is barely any action taken to fight those unethical hackers and the entire internet is now a platform where anything could be found, mainly in the realm of the dark-web.

Also, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Telegram chat groups – they are full of criminals and scammers. Quite a bunch of them operate in the crypto space and it hurts me to see that so many individuals are being scammed.

Any person with less knowledge than someone that’s already participating in for instance the crypto space, could fall for such traps. They seem very trustworthy and so on.

But what’s even worse is that people who are not ‘as capable’ eg: have more difficulties in participating within our society because of a certain disease or handicap, often fall for those traps as well – and are more likely to do so. People with a kind of dysfunction are the targets, quite often. Anyways, a co worker was scammed some time a go. Everybody with a little less knowledge about the ‘space’ is at risk.

A couple of weeks a go, I witnessed a multi million dollar scam on a Telegram group pretending to be WSBfinance. (WallStreetBets). Of course, it wasn’t an official one but they made it look like one and it got up to 350.000 active members on its peak.

After providing solid pump and dump information in their chat they built up trust even more.

Part Two ~ ‘Pre’ Sale

So what they did was they created a ‘pre’ sale which would give you a huge price advantage when buying their token. You would have to send a currency to their wallet adress in order to receive your tickets.

The telegram chat has no surveillance, telegram moderators are a lazy bunch of people, or their team to fight against criminal activities is undercrowded. This problem gets bigger each day.

This might screw it up for all -day or normal- traders since the most effective approach would be banning such funds. But that would be terrible for all the traders or holders who are playing a fair game. And terrible for the world-wide economy.

176•. .•Witnessing that scam made me very angry because I know that the people who did that are now sailing on their yacht somewhere cozy. And… they don’t deserve that.•. They might even be murderers, because it’s a fact that people could kill themselves over money if they over invest and things like that.

I do not understand why this is a problem that can’t be actively fought against. Online Safety is important- after all. 

Part three ~ Law Related

The primary reason that makes this all possible is law related, and has to do with privacy compliances.

Furthermore, I do observe that elderly people often (but of course not always) have a lack of internet knowledge. It might be hard for older policeman and… well, let them be the ones who are also often leading these projects to fight against online criminal activities.

There is an urgent need for spreading news about this in the media but some way or another it just doesn’t happen. I can’t believe it, and each day more people get scammed and might lose all that’s inside their crypto-wallet. Could even be a huge portfolio which took victims years to build. It ain’t safe out there on the web in quite a few spaces.

Schools and governmental representatives should warn and educate people about it so that less people lose their funds and freedom that goes along with it. There should be free courses available, that are intended for safety and provided to all people above or under a certain age, and for people that have some sort of handicap.

You don’t want your parents or your handicapped relative to get scammed with the crypto you have told them to buy… 124•. .• We got to protect the more vulnerable persons within our societies.•.

Part 4 ~ Online Safety Awareness

You’re probably not talking about this kind of ‘virtual space’ and I did know that when answering. But this happens in the top layers of the web, which also is a ‘virtual space’ and is very easy to access by everyone.

• I can tell you that I’m able to purchase a grenade right now and receive it tonight.

• I can buy a gun with one click.

• Crystal Meth is just around the corner.

• I can find a money mule to wash my illegal money into legal money within 10 minutes.

• I could decide to start scamming people using crypto and I assure you that I could become a millionaire in a week. Yes, it’s that easy.

• I could hire hackers to break into ‘virtual spaces’ you are talking about.

• I can actually break into ‘virtual places’ myself with the help of Cygwin, Hydra, BASH files and other packages. It’s not that hard- we live in a world with Google. Linux or ubuntu is not quite necessary.

• Google does provide you all the information necessary if you know how to use the search engine. Google rewards you tons of dollars if you hack google. If you spent enough time on google, you may find a flaw google has, which brings you one step further on your journey hacking google.

Written for more awareness.

BEWARE: Police and special forces are watching telegram now, for your safety. Don’t be too much of a rebel; you might get caught and face a sentence. Stay safe.

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