“An ant in motion is always bigger than a dozing ox.” Even if persons achieved what they want, only a few do not change habitually. Hence all those power boxes in Madrettor city. Be cool, it does have something.

Too bad that same dozing ox often ruins it and makes the ant need to go even faster. In some cases people overwork and have a ‘dim in their light’ because of you. Yes you, dozing ox. And the ant… he can really work more efficiently… Even under the hierarchy of a queen… if you think a little more and spend less time in your Lamboh. If you’re a person (which is; a ‘flesh and blood human being’) then you are a genius. You are good at what you are. Are you dozing now… can’t you figure it out… there is always a way to walk your path. Don’t give up and always keep going! If you fall, get up. If you don’t know what you want; just get moving!

You have so much potential. Being a dozing ox without Lamboh is still figuring out who you are, what you want and where your strengths hide. Open your designated safe. Eventually you too will become that ant, if you want to. When there’s a will there is a way– not saying that every dozing ox is a bad ox… And that every bad one is truly bad… So much perspective, in such little ‘something’. It’s in everything. We live our own reality.


By WorldLoveAdmin

A modern salvation knight

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