We carry the miracle stone
To the bonfire
Like Alfred the duck
A world cure

This miracle stone,
To lift it
There are three elephants needed
Who are stronger than a weight kit

There is 1 elephant with us
This still doesn’t work
Yes, for example w/ some reed
Well without a shooting need,
And we use a fork to eat

2 elephants left to find
With the ivory still on
Without the elephant with ivory
Can’t lift the miracle stone

Once reached the bonfire
Then a new ketikoti is created
This one is worldwire

What a party that was
Broken chains
Suriname, what an example
Now cooking together

Who helps carry the miracle stone?
Find the elephants
And give an extra hand while lifting
without shaking ‘n shifting

As soon as everything is off staff
We’ll set the elephants free
Ivory still on it
And who will take it off
Will bite the dust
Just some pain in the bust

There are 42 million slaves working right now
The population of almost three times the netherlands

By WorldLoveAdmin

A modern salvation knight

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