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Hate is weak and love is powerful. (Different opinion? leave a comment, so we can speak about it.?)

171•. .•If you are able to like what you hate, you’re very strong. Of course relatives are necessary but hate doesn’t have to mean war, hunger, labour(y) or violation of human’s rights.•.

There once was a paradise according to church and this means that everything can be love, yet we live in history wherein the people are unable to give every person the same chances.

One must have talents to become a pirate but one had very few to zero opportunities. One needs to have food.

(Insanity?) Maybe… However, a person always dies… An idea does never. We probably never experience living in a world without poorer zones, corruption, shootings, sex trafficking, wars… And 212•. .•we’re very lucky if we live in a lovely environment.•. You might do, I might do.

But from one way or another… Negative news and inflation without more pay, housing crisis, poor (trading) collaboration… And most importantly, 87•. .•the awareness and severity of the pain people go through, brought by our empathic brains, doesn’t influence anyone of us positively.•.

This means that this right here is important for all of humanity. This is why; 95•. .•if we don’t ‘break’ the earth, there will be world love•. one day. When there’s world love, there’s place for world peace.
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That “thick concentration” of dots is basically all the wars/battles ever fought on European soil. Europe fighted the most wars of all continents. It blows the mind that there is not so much going on anymore. This is a sign – • WP1 • is possible. The question is not ‘if’ it happens, but when.

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